About us

Collaborative Mapping -Mapeado Colaborativo in Spanish- is a research and citizen action group which was born in 2016 within a public community center, Zaragoza Activa -an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity project in the city- . Our goal consists of providing tools and knowledge for citizens to create collaborative maps that can be used for decision-making, sharing experiences and to better understand our city. It is based on volunteered geographical information created by ordinary people and using common, free and opensource tools. We take advantage of universal access to location devices (smartphones) and wiki-like projects on Internet - mainly OpenStreetMap - and we are promoting activities to registry urban pedestrian ways or public bicycle infrastructures amongst others. For example, the volunteered catalog of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and paths withing OpenStreetMap are the spatial base to analyze urban pedestrian mobility in general and for blind people or wheelchairs users (visit projects’ section for more information).